pdf23.12.2013 - Walloon government adopts draft revision of the sector plan for the future electricity interconnection between Belgium and Germany (pdf, 85 KB)
    pdf18.12.2013 - NWE Price Coupling to launch 4 February 2014 (pdf, 431 KB)
    pdf28.11.2013 - ENTSO-E Winter Outlook: winter 2013-2014 forecast positive for Belgium (pdf, 83 KB)
    pdf22.11.2013 - Demand response: industry clearly has potential… (pdf, 408 KB)
    pdf15.11.2013 - Interim statement: Q3 2013 (pdf, 126 KB)
    pdf12.11.2013 - Connection of planned North Sea wind farms: permit applications submitted for Belgian Offshore Grid (BOG) (pdf, 583 KB)
    pdf04.09.2013 - Jan Gesquière, CFO, leaving Elia. Catherine Vandenborre will succeed him. (pdf, 78 KB)
    pdf29.08.2013 - Interim annual report (pdf, 640 KB)
    pdf17.05.2013 - CREG approves adjusted transmission tariffs for 2012-2015 (pdf, 82 KB)
    pdf15.05.2013 - Interim statement: Q1 2013 (pdf, 47 KB)
    pdf23.04.2013 - Electricity interconnection project between Belgium and Germany: authorisation process begins (pdf, 27 KB)
    pdf27.03.2013 - Elia publishes forecasts & estimates of real-time solar generation from PV units (pdf, 107 KB)
    pdf26.03.2013 - Elia successfully completed € 750 million bond offering of its € 3 billion EMTN programme (pdf, 83 KB)
    pdf15.03.2013 - Cécile Flandre, CFO of Belfius Insurance, joins Elia Board of Directors (pdf, 95 KB)
    pdf04.03.2013 - North-Western Europe Price Coupling (pdf, 72 KB)
    pdf01.03.2013 - CWE Flow-Based market coupling press release (pdf, 147 KB)
    pdf01.03.2013 - Elia System Operator and TenneT Holding confirm the launch of dedicated power spot and clearing exchange APX as of 1 March 2013 (pdf, 122 KB)
    pdf28.02.2013 - Results 2012 (pdf, 398 KB)
    pdf01.02.2013 - Elia establishes a Euro Medium Term Note Programme (pdf, 78 KB)
    pdf17.01.2013 - CREG certifies Elia System Operator as electricity transmission system (pdf, 24 KB)