pdf19.12.2014 - Capital Increase (pdf, 122 KB)
    19.11.2014 - The OFF ON campaign launched on 3 November is expanding!
    pdf14.11.2014 - Interim Statement Q3 2014 (pdf, 141 KB)
    pdf03.11.2014 - Elia informs to limit the risk of power shortages as far as possible (pdf, 20 KB)
    pdf30.10.2014 - Transparency declarations (pdf, 116 KB)
    pdf26.09.2014 - No longer any legal proceedings against Stevin highvoltage project (pdf, 83 KB)
    pdf25.09.2014 - CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling launch to be pushed over the winter (pdf, 294 KB)
    pdf17.09.2014 - Agreement reached between Maldegem and Elia on Stevin high-voltage project (pdf, 140 KB)
    pdf12.09.2014 - Elia maintains the outage plan but proposes an amendment to the activation procedures (pdf, 75 KB)
    pdf08.09.2014 - Elia explains the basic principles behind the outage plan (pdf, 20 KB)
    pdf02.09.2014 - Stevin project gets the go-ahead in Bruges (pdf, 80 KB)
    pdf29.08.2014 - Half year results 2014 (pdf, 442 KB)
    pdf27.06.2014 - Draft version of the new tariff methodology for electricity transmission activities for the next regulatory period (2016-2019) (pdf, 82 KB)
    pdfElia’s Board of Directors unanimously appointed Miriam Maes as Chairman of the Board on Thursday, 26 June 2014. (pdf, 19 KB)
    pdf17.06.2014 - Establishment of the "Future of Power Grids- Elia Group Chair" (pdf, 102 KB)
    pdf05.06.2014 - 2 steps forward in the realisation of the Stevin project (pdf, 29 KB)
    PDF04.06.2014 - Expedition Greenland ICE makes history with 1st circumnavigation of the Greenland icecap (PDF, 148 KB)
    pdf16.05.2014 - Interim statement: Q1 2014 (pdf, 52 KB)
    pdfSouth-Western and North-Western Europe day-ahead markets successfully coupled  (pdf, 429 KB)
    pdf31.03.2014 - Elia successfully completed € 350 million bond offering of its € 3 billion EMTN programme (pdf, 213 KB)
    pdf28.03.2014 - New composition of the Elia Board of Directors (pdf, 83 KB)
    pdf28.02.2014 - Year results 2013 (pdf, 576 KB)
    pdf04.02.2014 - North-Western European power markets successfully coupled (pdf, 476 KB)