pdf03.12.2015 - CREG approves Elia’s 2016-2019 tariffs (pdf, 37 KB)
    pdf23.11.2015 - Federal development plan approved (pdf, 24 KB)
    pdf23.11.2015 - Elia successfully completed € 500 million bond offering (pdf, 114 KB)
    pdf13.11.2015 - Interim statement: Q3 2015 (pdf, 154 KB)
    pdf10.11.2015 - HGRT opens its share capital to Swissgrid (pdf, 109 KB)
    pdf09.11.2015 - New allocation rules for long-term cross border capacity rights approved (pdf, 112 KB)
    pdf06.11.2015 - HGRT opens its share capital to Amprion (pdf, 56 KB)
    pdf20.10.2015 - Pilot project for delivery of balancing services by wind farms in Belgium (pdf, 365 KB)
    pdf28.08.2015 - Half year results 2015 (pdf, 759 KB)
    pdf14.08.2015 - New underground high-voltage connection for Hasselt railway station (in Dutch) (pdf, 20 KB)
    pdf02.07.2015 - Green certificates kept in reserve in Wallonia since 1 July 2015 (pdf, 107 KB)
    pdf26.06.2015 - Elia Grid International and Siemens join forces on international energy market (pdf, 96 KB)
    pdf25.06.2015 - Chris Peeters appointed as new CEO of Elia (pdf, 23 KB)
    pdf25.06.2015 - Elia et IDEA, cités comme partenaires fiables par Google (in French) (pdf, 173 KB)
    pdf08.06.2015 - NEMO LINK announces €500m contracts to build the first interconnector between GB and Belgium (pdf, 87 KB)
    pdf04.06.2015 - Die Verstärkung der Hochspannungsleitung zwischen den Umspannwerken von Bévercé, Stephanshof, Amel und Bütgenbach (pdf, 27 KB)
    pdf04.06.2015 - Le renforcement de la ligne à haute tension reliant les postes électriques de Bévercé, Stephanshof, Amel et Bütgenbach (in French) (pdf, 26 KB)
    pdf01.06.2015 - New spokesperson Elia (in French) (pdf, 18 KB)
    pdf20.05.2015 - Flow-Based methodology for CWE MARKET coupling successfully launched (pdf, 183 KB)
    pdf19.05.2015 - Annual General Assembly of Elia System Operator (pdf, 110 KB)
    pdf19.05.2015 - Interim statement: Q1 2015 (pdf, 153 KB)
    pdf28.04.2015 - Elia organises public consultation on federal transmission grid development plan and environmental impact report (pdf, 90 KB)
    pdf24.03.2015 - Regulated information: Capital increase (pdf, 108 KB)
    pdf20.03.2015 - Solar eclipse: Europe’s TSOs teamed up successfully to keep the lights on (pdf, 37 KB)
    pdf06.03.2015 - CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling: Updated go-live planning for Flow-Based MC in the CWE region (pdf, 232 KB)
    pdf06.03.2015 - BASF Deloitte Elia Chair (in Dutch) (pdf, 408 KB)
    pdf03.03.2015 - Stevin project works begin (pdf, 133 KB)
    pdf27.02.2015 - GB and Belgium power link comes a step closer (pdf, 125 KB)
    pdf27.02.2015 - Year results 2014 (pdf, 725 KB)
    pdf25.02.2015 - Italian borders successfully coupled (pdf, 316 KB)
    pdf14.01.2015 - The Board of Directors of Elia puts an end to the collaboration with Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO of the company (pdf, 14 KB)