pdf21.12.2017 - Elia welcomes new chairman of the Board (pdf, 93 KB)
    pdf1.12.2017 - Interim statement: Q3 2017 (pdf, 155 KB)
    pdf29.11.2017 - Winter outlook for Belgium in connection with the ENTSO-E winter report (pdf, 144 KB)
    pdf28.11.2017 PressRelease-Presentation-of-the-results-of-the-environmental-impact (pdf, 165 KB)
    pdf21.11.2017 - Elia commissions the Stevin highvoltage line: a key milestone in the expansion of offshore wind farms and the continued integration of the European grid (pdf, 163 KB)
    pdf24.11.2017 - Presentation of the results of the environmental impact assessment for the Avelgem-Avelin connection upgrade project  (pdf, 67 KB)
    pdf15.11.2017 - Elia publishes study with electricity scenarios for Belgian energy system towards 2050 and calls for rapid action to ensure a reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity system (pdf, 224 KB)
    pdf27.10.2017 - Roberte Kesteman appointed as independent director of Elia group (pdf, 72 KB)
    pdf24.10.2017 - Elia Group hosts the 2017 Annual Meeting of the GO15 organization (pdf, 38 KB)
    pdf16.10.2017 - Package of learning materials on energy for pupils aged 10 to 14 (in Dutch) (pdf, 420 KB)
    pdf13.09.2017 - Nemo Link installs UK part of first subsea interconnector between UK and Belgium (pdf, 233 KB)
    pdf12.09.2017 - Elia to bury high-voltage line between Malderen and Mechelen (pdf, 146 KB)
    pdf06.09.2017 - Elia invests in energy software start-up Enervalis (pdf, 84 KB)
    pdf16.08.2017 - Elia awards submarine cable installation contract for the Modular Offshore Grid (MOG) to DEME Group (pdf, 201 KB)
    pdf08.08.2017 - Elia begins dismantling the high-voltage line between Ciply and Pâturages (pdf, 116 KB)
    pdf04.08.2017 - PICASSO Project: Further development in integration of European balancing market (pdf, 149 KB)
    pdf28.07.2017 - Half year results Elia Group: good progress on energy transition and solid financial performance in Belgium and Germany  (pdf, 1 MB)
    pdf05.07.2017 - Nemo Link is demining seabed to safely lay first electricity interconnector between UK and Belgium (pdf, 145 KB)
    pdf04.07.2017 - European Investment Bank grants Elia loan of €100 million for strategic infrastructure projects Stevin and Nemo Link (pdf, 230 KB)
    pdf21.06.2017 - Avelgem-Avelin high-voltage connection upgrade project (pdf, 184 KB)
    pdf30.05.2017 - Elia upgrades power grid between Kruibeke and Zomergem (pdf, 113 KB)
    pdf24.05.2017 - Pond working group spots record number of northern crested newts at Mercator high-voltage substation (pdf, 86 KB)
    pdf19.05.2017 - LIFE Elia-RTE: Inauguration of first viewing platform in Nassogne and announcement of a 'LIFE 2' project (pdf, 86 KB)
    pdf17.05.2017 - Interim statement: Q1 2017 (pdf, 193 KB)
    pdf16.05.2017 - 2016 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (pdf, 169 KB)
    pdf10.05.2017 - ALEGrO: Elia invites local residents to four evening meetings to present findings of Environmental Impact Assessment (pdf, 164 KB)
    pdf09.05.2017 - Elia joins forces with Energy Web Foundation to launch global blockchain initiative for energy (pdf, 204 KB)
    pdf26.04.2017 - Elia presents learning materials package on Stevin project at PTI in Eeklo (pdf, 228 KB)
    pdf24.04.2017 - Elia to hold MegaWatt Day at the Stevin high-voltage substation in Zeebrugge (pdf, 75 KB)
    pdf13.04.2017 - Elia set to invest in an ‘electricity plug’ in the North Sea (pdf, 175 KB)
    pdf07.04.2017 - MARI-PROJECT: 19 european tsos agree to further cooperation on mfrr-platform (pdf, 99 KB)
    pdf04.04.2017 - Disclosure in accordance with section 15 of the Belgian Act of 2 May 2007 (pdf, 102 KB)
    pdf03.04.2017 - Elia successfully completed € 250 million bond offering (pdf, 111 KB)
    pdf28.03.2017 - Elia fits ‘black line’ in Ghent Canal Zone with bird flight diverters (pdf, 198 KB)
    pdf09.03.2017 - Recent power outages have had different causes (pdf, 25 KB)
    pdf24.02.2017 - Elia Group annual results 2016 (pdf, 937 KB)
    pdf23.02.2017 - Elia organises information sessions on two subprojects of the Stevin highvoltage project (pdf, 50 KB)
    pdf22.02.2017 - Elia and AWV team up to improve the energy supply and mobility at the Port of Antwerp (pdf, 93 KB)
    pdf22.02.2017 - Core CCR: Cooperation of 16 European TSOs to further integrate European Energy Markets (pdf, 407 KB)
    pdf20.02.2017 - Elia inaugure la première étape du vaste projet de renouvellement et renforcement de la Boucle de l’Est (in French) (pdf, 195 KB)
    pdf16.02.2017 - Five startups will pitch during Elia Startup Innovation Challenge (pdf, 41 KB)
    pdf14.02.2017 - Elia joins forces with Be Planet, supporting citizens' initiatives that promote a sustainable society (pdf, 51 KB)
    pdf10.02.2017 - Power outage in northeast Brussels caused by technical incident (pdf, 62 KB)
    pdf07.02.2017 - Regulated information transparency declarations (pdf, 22 KB)
    pdf01.02.2017 - Elia dismantles 16 km long high-voltage line between Schelle and Mechelen (pdf, 119 KB)
    pdf19.01.2017 - Elia no longer expects to activate strategic reserves this week (pdf, 144 KB)
    pdf13.01.2017 - Elia anticipates possible activation of strategic reserves next week due to expected cold snap in France and Belgium (pdf, 142 KB)
    pdf12.01.2017 - European transmission system operators to constantly strengthen their cooperation (pdf, 163 KB)