pdf17.05.2018 - Elia submits permit application for Horta-Avelgem (pdf, 383 KB)
    pdf16.05.2018 - Interim Statement: Q1 2018 (pdf, 360 KB)
    pdf02.05.2018 - Taking down the Ciply-Paturages connection (pdf, 260 KB)
    pdf26.04.2018 - Elia completes the acquisition of an additional 20% in 50Hertz (pdf, 390 KB)
    pdf24.04.2018 - Open Site Day: Elia opens doors of Nemo Link conversion station in Bruges (pdf, 457 KB)
    pdf05.04.2018 - ElectriCITY – which was a great hit in Flanders with nearly 3,500 educational kits being handed out – is now coming to schools in Wallonia (pdf, 342 KB)
    pdf30.03.2018 - Elia replaces high-voltage cables between Zomergem and Kruibeke (pdf, 290 KB)
    pdf23.03.2018 - Auvelais-Gembloux: The municipalities organise a meeting between Elia and local residents (pdf, 327 KB)
    pdf23.03.2018 - Elia has decided to acquire an additional 20% stake in German transmission system operator 50Hertz (pdf, 501 KB)
    pdf13.03.2018 - Elia completes all main construction contracts for Modular Offshore Grid (pdf, 427 KB)
    pdf08.03.2018 - Deployment of a datahub shared by all system operators to support electrical flexibility (pdf, 404 KB)
    pdf06.03.2018 - Elia tests first drone for long-distance flight (pdf, 679 KB)
    PDF23.02.2018 - Elia Group annual results 2017 (PDF, 810 KB)
    pdf19.02.2018 - ALEGrO project: three projects launched in mid-January 2018 (pdf, 91 KB)
    pdf08.02.2018 - Minister Bart Tommelein visits Elia's national control centre (pdf, 130 KB)
    pdf07.02.2018 - Planning permit application submitted for Avelgem-Avelin overhead line (pdf, 78 KB)
    pdf07.02.2018 - Elia secures the Top Employer label (pdf, 133 KB)
    pdf31.01.2018 - Elia launches 2nd Open Innovation Challenge for start-ups to improve forecasting of electricity production and consumption (pdf, 324 KB)
    pdf25.01.2018 - Planning permit acquired for Gouy-Oisquercq connection overhaul (pdf, 83 KB)
    pdf22.01.2018 - Rabosée-Battice project: planning permission granted and work begun at Herve (pdf, 82 KB)
    pdf16.01.2018 - Elia starts work on a new high-voltage line spanning the River Scheldt in the Port of Antwerp (pdf, 259 KB)
    pdf05.01.2018 - ALEGrO project: Permits acquired and construction phase to begin in mid-January 2018 (pdf, 91 KB)