pdf17.05.2019 - Tallest electricity pylons in the Benelux open for viewing on Open Site Day (pdf, 532 KB)
    pdf17.05.2019 - Interim Statement: Q1 2019  (pdf, 402 KB)
    pdf16.05.2019 - MOG: First plug at sea successfully installed (pdf, 671 KB)
    pdf02.05.2019 - Rabosée-Battice: new high-voltage underground connection set to commission soon  (pdf, 379 KB)
    pdf30.04.2019 - Elia's Federal Development Plan 2020-2030 approved (pdf, 370 KB)
    pdf09.04.2019 - The microtunnel between the Albert Canal and the Meuse: a vital link for the ALEGrO interconnector project (pdf, 289 KB)
    pdf08.04.2019 - Elia contemplates to update organisation (pdf, 331 KB)
    pdf01.04.2019 - Ventilus to prepare power grid for more sustainable energy (pdf, 307 KB)
    pdf26.03.2019 - Elia reports a new round of copper theft in the province of Luxembourg (pdf, 502 KB)
    pdf26.03.2019 - Disclosure in accordance with section 15 of the Belgian Act of 2 May 2007 (pdf, 331 KB)
    pdf27.02.2019 - Elia relocates pollard willows to flower meadow in Sijsele (pdf, 242 KB)
    pdf22.02.2018 - Elia Group full year 2018 results: strengthening our position in 50Hertz while progressing well in key investments (pdf, 895 KB)
    pdf21.02.2019 - IO.Energy: a cross-sectoral ecosystem aimed at optimising end users’ comfort and energy bills (pdf, 524 KB)
    pdf19.02.2019 - Elia and 50Hertz call for start-ups to compete for their third Open Innovation Challenge  (pdf, 580 KB)
    pdf06.02.2019 - Elia named ‘Top Employer’ for the second consecutive year (pdf, 238 KB)
    pdf31.01.2019 - The interconnection between Belgium and Great Britain is operational (pdf, 304 KB)
    pdf18.01.2019 - Disclosure in accordance with section 15 of the Belgian Act of 2 May 2007 (pdf, 550 KB)
    pdf18.01.2019 - Elia releases its figures on Belgium's 2018 energy mix (pdf, 550 KB)
    pdf11.01.2019 - Elia installs nesting box for kestrels in Deerlijk (pdf, 309 KB)
    pdf10.01.2019 - 2020-2023 tariff methodology: Elia takes note of the Markets Court ruling (pdf, 335 KB)
    pdf10.01.2019 - Elia publishes election memorandum  (pdf, 420 KB)
    pdf7.01.2019 - Elia successfully completes €500 million bond offering (pdf, 258 KB)