2016 - Strategic Reserve : methodology, assumptions and data for determining the volume

In the framework of the volume determination for the strategic reserve, Elia organized a public consultation on the methodology and the input data that will be used.

The consultation document below describes the methodology and explains the different assumptions and data sources to be used for estimating to detemine the volume of the strategic reserve for the winter 2017-18. An additional consultation on the raw data used for the calculation will be organized when the data will be in the possession of Elia (estimated for the month of September).

The consultation aimed to receive any comments of market participants. The consultation period was set from Tuesday 31 May to Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 6:00pm.

Consulted document:

Description of the methodology, assumptions and data for determining the volume of strategic reserves for the winter 2017-18

The reactions could be communicated to Elia until Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 18:00, at the following email address: usersgroup@elia.be. All your questions can be directed to usersgroup@elia.be. In total, Elia received feedback from 8 market parties: In this consultation report Elia publishes a summary of received reactions to the consultation in order to inform market parties and to give its replies. This will also be presented in the Task Force "Implementation Strategic Reserves" in the month of September.