2018 - Modifications to the ARP contract

Consultation relating to the modifications to the ARP contract as proposed by Elia

Elia is launching today, May 8th 2018 a formal public consultation of the market players on the modifications to the Access Responsible Party (ARP) contract.

The changes proposed to the ARP contract are required in order to take into account the following elements:

- The integration of modalities for a specific  ARP, who will be responsible for the imbalance linked to an offshore interconnector
- The  commissioning of a new border between the Belgian and the British Scheduling Areas linked to a new Offshore Interconnector between Belgium and Great Britain
- Changes to the ARP contract in response to the CREG’s request as stated in its decision (B) 1471
- The harmonization of the Baseline to all SDR products foreseen in the Functioning Rules for Strategic Reserve as from the 1st of November 2018.

In addition, Elia proposes some improvements to the ARP contract in order to align it with the current procedures.

Documents under consultation:

Consultation period:

The purpose of this consultation was to receive any remarks or concerns that the market players affected by the proposals might have.

The consultation period for modifications to the ARP contract ran from May 8th until June 3rd, 2018.

Questions and/or remarks concerning the present documents could be sent to the following email address: Consultations@elia.be


The consultation report can be consulted via the following link :

Received reactions: