Formal consultation regarding the rules on the organisation of the Transfer of Energy and the proposed modifications to the Access Responsible Party contract (the ARP contract)

Elia launches today, Monday 13th of November 2017, a formal public consultation for the market players on the rules for the organisation of the Transfer of Energy and the proposed modifications to the access responsible party contract (the ARP contract).

In accordance with Belgian law of 13 July 2017, Elia as transmission system operator should define the rules for the organisation of the Transfer of Energy (hereinafter referred to as "Transfer of Energy rules") and to consult this with the market parties.

To operationalise the Transfer of Energy, the ARP contract needs to be adjusted accordingly. Elia takes this opportunity to introduced some additional modifications to the ARP contract: modifications to the definitions in accordance with the Regulation CACM (concept of Multiple NEMO’s), the deletion of the R2 non-CIPU pilot project, removing ICH and the handling of EIC codes in the automated messages used for Nominations

The purpose of this consultation is to receive any remarks and/or concerns that market players, affected by the proposals, might have.

The consultation period runs from Monday13th of November until Friday 8th of December 2017 (18h00).

Documents under consultation:

The English version of the above mentioned consultation documents will be made available as soon as possible (for information purposes only).

As mentioned above, the reactions can be submitted to Elia via the online form on the Elia website until the 8th of December 2017 (18h00). Questions regarding this consultation can be sent to

Elia will make a consultation report that will be public available to all market players. Market players may request, that their comments be processed anonymously in this consultation report.

You will also receive an acknowledgement email when you complete the consultation.
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It is important to know that Elia will consolidate the different remarks and publish them on its website at the end of the consultation unless the respondent requests confidentiality in its response. The Elia response to the remarks made will be provided via a consultation report. This consultation report will also be published on the Elia website.