Formal public consultation regarding the draft proposals for the contracts for the balancing service providers (the BSP-contracts)

The Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195 of 23 November 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing (hereafter referred to as “EBGL”) requires the Transmission System Operator to submit the Terms and Conditions for Balancing Service Providers, 6 months after the entry into force of this Regulation, to the relevant regulatory authorities.

In accordance with Article 18 of ‘EBGL’, Elia, as Belgian Transmission System Operator, has prepared the draft proposals for the relevant balancing service contracts (hereafter “BSP contracts”), and are now presented to the stakeholders for a formal public consultation.

Considering that current General Framework Agreements or “GFAs” are fully compliant with the provisions of Articles 18 of EBGL, Elia proposes that existing GFAs qualify as the new terms and conditions (hereafter “T&Cs”) for the balancing service providers as referred to in ‘EBGL’.

However in order to fully comply with EBGL, Elia proposes a modified structure for the set of “BSP-contracts”, which include the above-mentioned terms and conditions that are in line the requirements of article 18 of EBGL supplemented by General Conditions. In addition, some terminology references have been integrated in the new “BSP-contracts” and certain articles had to be revised in order to adapt to the new reality of a regulated document.

The structure proposed for the “BSP-contracts” aims to:

  1. Facilitate reading and transparency of new contracts to providers;
  2. Comply with EBGL requisites and;
  3. Provide flexibility for future consultations.

Consultation documents:

Documents subject to consultation are:

  • Draft proposal for the BSP contract for FCR including:
  • Draft proposal for the BSP contract for R2 including:
  • Draft proposal for the BSP contract for R3 including:

A supporting document has been made available to facilitate the reading of the above-mentioned proposals:

  • Explicative note regarding the draft proposals for the different BSP contracts.

Remark: In case you would like to propose some text modifications, may we ask you to introduce them via track-changes in the word-versions of the consultation documents, which are available to facilitate the commenting process.

Consultation period:

The purpose of this public consultation is to obtain any comments and or remarks from stakeholders involved. Stakeholders have a period of 8 weeks to submit their comments by using the online form below.

The consultation period runs from 15 March up to and including 15 May 2018

Questions and/or remarks concerning the present documents can be sent to the following email address:

At the end of the public consultation, Elia will provide a consultation report that will be made available to all stakeholders.

Consultation form:

You will also receive an acknowledgement email when you complete the consultation.
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Answer confidential?

It is important to know that Elia will consolidate the different remarks and publish them on its website at the end of the consultation unless the respondent requests confidentiality in its response. The Elia response to the remarks made will be provided via a consultation report. This consultation report will also be published on the Elia website.