Delivery tests

As written in Functioning Rules of Strategic Reserve, Elia or the SR supplier can plan a test activation to test the proper functioning of the contracted SGR/SDR-unit. A delivery test on the request of the supplier should be communicated to Elia according to the terms described in its SGR/SDR contract.

As soon as a delivery test on the request of the supplier is accepted by Elia, it will be announced in the following table:

List of already foreseen delivery tests requested by the supplier and approved by Elia

Date Hour interval Maximum injected power [MW]

Last update: 03/03/2017

A delivery test on the request of Elia shall not be announced in advance to the supplier. These tests will therefore only be communicated to the market via RSS Feed and on the page ‘Imbalance prices’ at the moment that the notification request is sent to the SGR/SDR supplier.

The table below shows the executed delivery tests during the last winter period:

Date At the request of Hour interval Maximum injected power [MW]
20/01/2016 SGR Supplier 09h00-09h30 0-100
20/01/2016 SGR Supplier 11h30-13h00 0-100
22/01/2016 SGR Supplier 09h00-14h30  200-300
03/02/2016 Elia 07h00-12h45 >300
04/02/2016 SGR Supplier 09h00-10h15 0-100
10/02/2016 SGR Supplier 09h00-14h45 >300
18/02/2016 Elia 15h00-16h00 200-300
24/02/2016 Elia  15h00-16h00 100-200
09/03/2016 SGR Supplier 09h00-14h30 200-300
10/03/2016 SGR Supplier 09h00-10h15 0-100
25/03/2016 Elia  15h00-20h30 >300
 19/10/2016 SGR Supplier 07h00-15h15  200-300 
 26/10/2016 SGR Supplier 09h15-15h15  200-300 
 27/10/2016 SGR Supplier 08h15-15h15  200-300 
 24/01/2017 SGR Supplier 09h00-14h30  200-300 
 14/02/2017 Elia 10h30-16h30  >300 
 15/02/2017 Elia 10h45-14h00  200-300 
 03/03/2017 SGR Supplier 09h00-18h15 >300 
 18/10/2017 SGR Supplier 09h00-17h45 >300 

Last update: 16/10/2017

In case of a test activation, there is no risk of “Structural Shortage of the Zone” by an economic or technical trigger.

The indicated hour interval is the period in which the SGR unit will inject power into the grid or the SDR unit will reduce its consumption. During this period, the imbalance prices will be administratively calculated as written in the paragraph 6.7.2 of the Functioning Rules.

The maximum injected power is the power range at the quarter-hour(s) of maximum injection. For example, if the foreseen maximum injection is 226 MW, the published maximum injected power is equal to 200-300 MW. Elia will monitor the system and holds the right to cancel or stop the test at any time.

This page is regularly updated with the latest information; however there will always be a delay between operational decisions and the publication. For real-time monitoring of a test activation (at the request of the supplier or at the request of Elia), please refer to the pages RSS Feed, Status Activation and Imbalance prices.