Customer Hub web portal

The Customer Hub is a web portal developed by Elia to exchange information with its customers. It is accessible for direct access customers, for distribution system operators/grid operators and all the stakeholders who are concerned with the renewal of an access contract, more specifically annex 2 and 3.

The Contract Viewer functionality gives the list of all connection, access or balance responsible party contracts or collaboration agreements (DSO) of your company. For each contract and it’s according annexes a PDF copy is provided. You can also review the list of contact persons with their contractual role, the invoiced company as well as the invoice postal address

The list of access points or interconnection points of your company is given with their expiration date. It is also possible to renew electronically the annex 2 and 3 of the access contract associated to your access points.

The Invoice Viewer provides access to invoices and invoicing documents of your company. Through this module you can view and download invoices and invoice annexes for grid access, imbalance and grid connection (direct customers and DSO’s), but also for orientation studies, detail studies and the realization of new or revised grid connections for your company.


The Customer Hub user manual (PDF file) will guide you for the use of this web portal.