Loop flows

Following the introduction of the DE-AT Bidding Zone Border split effective from October 1st 2018, the calculation formula of the loopflows needs to be adapted. The IT change requests are under implementation and validation. We expect to publish again the adapted values (including the past values requiring a correction) by October 15th 2018 

As the energy moves freely through the grid from generation to consumption, not only imported/exported energy will cross our border. The physical flows that we measure on these borders can be split in different flow types. There are flows related to import and export, transit flows and loop flows.

  • A transit flow can be defined as the physical flow due to the export from one zone to another zone.
  • A loop flow can be defined as the physical flow due to internal energy transfers in one bidding zone.

Elia calculates the expected values of the loopflows by cancelling all commercial exchanged (changing the netposition of all countries to 0MW) and considering the remaining flows as loopflows. This calculation is based on two days ahead forecast data.

More details on the calculation can be found in the following document:

Historical data can be downloaded in the data download section.