Unavailability on the federal transmission grid (380/220 kV)

This page provides information about periods of scheduled, unscheduled and actual unavailability on the 380/220 kV grid.

The tables below list the periods of scheduled, unscheduled and actual unavailability of components on the Belgian high-voltage grid that influence the calculation of import and export capacity over the interconnections.

The data in the tables are indicative and based on bilateral consultation with neighbouring transmission system operators.


Scheduled unavailability of grid components of the current week
WeekFromTo (incl.)day (d), night (n) or hourly (n)ConnectionVoltage (kV)ReasonOn request of
41-4_201810/10/201726/01/2018D&N380 112 GEZELLE (B) - STEVIN (B)380Scheduled worksElia
41-4810/10/201701/12/2017D&N380 110 GEZELLE (B) - VAN MAERLANT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
41-4_201810/10/201726/01/2018D&N380 111 GEZELLE (B) - STEVIN (B)380Scheduled worksElia
41-4510/10/201710/11/2017D&NHORTA (B) - VAN MAERLANT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
45-4706/11/201724/11/2017D&NACHENE (B) - Lonny (F)380Scheduled worksElia
Scheduled unavailability of grid components
WeekFromTo (incl.)day (d), night (n) or hourly (n)ConnectionVoltage (kV)ReasonOn request of
4613/11/201717/11/2017D&NAVELGEM (B) - IZEGEM (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4613/11/201717/11/2017DEEKLO NOORD (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
46-4814/11/201727/11/2017D&NDOEL (B) - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4829/11/201729/11/2017DAVELGEM (B) - IZEGEM (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4830/11/201701/12/2017D&NBRUEGEL (B) - MERCATOR (VERBRANDE BRUG) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
5013/12/201713/12/2017DAUBANGE (B) - MT ST MARTIN (F)220Scheduled worksElia
Realised unavailability of grid components
WeekFromTo (incl.)day (d), night (n) or hourly (n)ConnectionVoltage (kV)ReasonOn request of
209/01/201713/01/2017D&NCOURCELLES (B) - GOUY (B)380Scheduled worksElia
530/01/201702/02/2017D&NCOURCELLES (B) - GOUY (B)380Scheduled worksElia
6-806/02/201723/02/2017D&NBRUEGEL (B) - COURCELLES (DROGENBOS) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
609/02/201709/02/2017DCOURCELLES (B) - GOUY (B)380Scheduled worksElia
9-3503/03/201731/08/2017D&NPST 3 - ZANDVLIET (B)380IncidentElia
904/03/201705/03/2017DHORTA (B) - MERCATOR (RODENHUIZE) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1006/03/201707/03/2017D&NACHENE (B) - GRAMME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1008/03/201710/03/2017D&NACHENE (B) - Lonny (F)380Scheduled worksElia
10-1110/03/201713/03/2017D&NBRUEGEL (B) - COURCELLES (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1113/03/201717/03/2017D&NGRAMME (B) - VAN EYCK (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1113/03/201717/03/2017D&NAUBANGE (B) - BRUME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1113/03/201717/03/2017D&NAVELGEM (B) - MASTAING (F)380Scheduled worksElia
11-1713/03/201726/04/2017D&NCOURCELLES (B) - GOUY (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1220/03/201724/03/2017D&NAVELGEM (B) - AVELIN (F)380Scheduled worksElia
1220/03/201724/03/2017D&NAUBANGE (B) - BRUME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1220/03/201724/03/2017D&NBRUEGEL (B) - MERCATOR (VERBRANDE BRUG) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
13-1427/03/201707/04/2017D&NAUBANGE (B) - BRUME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1403/04/201705/04/2017D&NDOEL (B) - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
14-1704/04/201725/04/2017D&NTIHANGE BIS (B) - TIHANGE 2 (B)380Scheduled worksElia
14-1705/04/201725/04/2017D&NGRAMME (B) - TIHANGE 2 (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1619/04/201721/04/2017D&NDOEL (B) - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1620/04/201720/04/2017DGRAMME (B) - VAN EYCK (B) - (ANDRE DUMONT) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1621/04/201721/04/2017DGRAMME (B) - VAN EYCK (B)380Scheduled worksElia
17-2228/04/201731/05/2017D&NCOURCELLES (B) - GOUY (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1804/05/201705/05/2017D&NAUBANGE (B) - Moulaine (F)220Scheduled worksElia
1805/05/201705/05/2017DGRAMME (B) - VAN EYCK (B) - (ANDRE DUMONT) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
19-2508/05/201723/06/2017D&NHORTA (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2020/05/201720/05/2017D&NVAN EYCK (B) - Maasbracht (NL) black380non Scheduled worksTennet
2122/05/201724/05/2017D&NDOEL (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2122/05/201724/05/2017D&NZANDVLIET (B) - Borssele (NL)380Scheduled worksElia
2229/05/201702/06/2017DBRUME (B) - GRAMME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2307/06/201707/06/2017DGRAMME (B) - CHAMPION (B)380Scheduled worksElia
24-2512/06/201719/06/2017D&NEEKLO NOORD (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2415/06/201716/06/2017D&NPST 1 - VANEYCK (MEERHOUT (B))380Scheduled worksElia
2416/06/201716/06/2017DBRUEGEL (B) - MERCATOR (VERBRANDE BRUG) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2519/06/201723/06/2017D&NGRAMME (B) - VAN EYCK (B) - (ANDRE DUMONT) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
25-3923/06/201726/09/2017D&NHORTA (B) - VAN MAERLANT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2626/06/201726/06/2017D380 19 GRAMME (B) - LONNY (F)380Scheduled worksElia
2626/06/201726/06/2017DACHENE (B) - GRAMME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2627/06/201730/06/2017D&NAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
26-2927/06/201719/07/2017D&NHORTA (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2628/06/201728/06/2017DBRUME (B) - COO (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2628/06/201729/06/2017D&NDOEL (B) - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
26-2829/06/201714/07/2017D&NMASSENHOVEN (B) - MEERHOUT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
27-3503/07/201728/08/2017D&NPST 3 - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2704/07/201704/07/2017DCOURCELLES (B) - GOUY (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2810/07/201714/07/2017D&NMEERHOUT (B- VAN EYCK (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2917/07/201720/07/2017D&NGRAMME (B) - RIMIERE (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2918/07/201718/07/2017DDOEL (B) - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2920/07/201721/07/2017D&N380 19 GRAMME (B) - LONNY (F)380Scheduled worksElia
3024/07/201724/07/2017D380 11 GRAMME (B) - LIXHE (B)380Scheduled worksElia
30-3424/07/201724/08/2017D&NGRAMME (B) - RIMIERE (B)380Scheduled worksElia
30-3224/07/201711/08/2017D&NHORTA (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
30-3225/07/201707/08/2017D&NBRUME (B) - GRAMME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3025/07/201725/07/2017D380 91 LIXHE (B) - VAN EYCK (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3131/07/201704/08/2017D&NGRAMME (B) - COURCELLE (TERGNEE) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3102/08/201702/08/2017DDOEL (B) - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3207/08/201711/08/2017D&NGRAMME (B) - COURCELLE (TERGNEE) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
32-4311/08/201723/10/2017D&NHORTA (B) - MERCATOR (RODENHUIZE) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3316/08/201718/08/2017D&NDOEL (B) - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3316/08/201718/08/2017D&NAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
34-3521/08/201729/08/2017D&NBRUEGEL (B) - COURCELLES (DROGENBOS) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
34-3521/08/201701/09/2017D&NBRUME (B) - GRAMME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
35-3730/08/201715/09/2017D&NBRUEGEL (B) - COURCELLES (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3604/09/201708/09/2017D&N380 11 GRAMME (B) - LIXHE (B)380Scheduled worksElia
36-4004/09/201702/10/2017D&NMONCEAU (B) - Chooz (F)220Scheduled worksElia
3606/09/201706/09/2017DAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3607/09/201707/09/2017DAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
37-3815/09/201722/09/2017D&NMEERHOUT (B- VAN EYCK (B)380Scheduled worksElia
37-3815/09/201722/09/2017D&NMASSENHOVEN (B) - MEERHOUT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
38-4023/09/201702/10/2017D&NDOEL (B) - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3925/09/201729/09/2017D&N380 91 LIXHE (B) - VAN EYCK (B)380Scheduled worksElia
39-4425/09/201730/10/2017D&NLINT (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
39-4425/09/201730/10/2017D&NMASSENHOVEN (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4323/10/201724/10/2017DAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4324/10/201727/10/2017D&NHORTA (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4324/10/201726/10/2017D&NBRUME (B) - GRAMME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4325/10/201726/10/2017DAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4327/10/201727/10/2017DAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4430/10/201702/11/2017D&NGRAMME (B) - VAN EYCK (B) - (ANDRE DUMONT) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4431/10/201731/10/2017DDOEL (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4402/11/201702/11/2017DDOEL (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4402/11/201703/11/2017D&NPST 3 - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4403/11/201703/11/2017DDOEL (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia