Intraday capacity

This page contains the data on available and additional intraday capacity for energy exchanges between Belgium and France and Belgium and the Nederlands.

Available intraday capacity

Intraday capacity available at the last closed gate (updated once an hour)

The website Entso-e Transparency (ETP) contains the archive of past intraday capacities.

Disclaimer: This available intraday capacity service publication is for information purposes only and is not legally binding. This publication is updated only once per hour and provides the available capacity before each allocation gate and could differ from the real, current available transfer capacity. The current intraday available capacity, updated in real time, is made available to Market Participants via XBID in the market platforms of NEMO's (Nominated Electricity Market Operator).

2019-08-22 00:22:01 - From Belgium to France

2019-08-22 00:22:01 - From France to Belgium

2019-08-22 00:22:01 - From Belgium to The Netherlands

2019-08-22 00:22:01 - From The Netherlands to Belgium

Capacity for auction

Intraday capacity is allocated via an implicit mechanism on the Belgian, French and Dutch hubs. Visit Cross-border mechanisms for more information on current mechanisms.