Monthly capacity

This page contains the monthly capacity forecasts and the capacity for auction for energy exchanges between Belgium and France and between Belgium and Netherlands

Monthly capacity forecasts and capacity for auction

From The Netherlands to Belgium
MonthNet transfer capacity NTC (MW) (1)Proposed capacity (2)Resales Y => MCapacity for auction (3)Determined on
January 201712002823031229/12/2016
February 20171200282028219/01/2017
March 20179502193525417/02/2017
April 201795014614028623/03/2017
May 201795014615029618/04/2017
June 2017950146014617/05/2017
July 2017950146014615/06/2017
August 2017950146014617/07/2017
September 2017950146014618/08/2017
October 2017950146014615/09/2017
November 2017950146014616/10/2017
December 20171200146014621/11/2017
January 20181200282028218/12/2017
From Belgium to The Netherlands
MonthNet transfer capacity NTC (MW) (1)Proposed capacity (2)Resales Y => MCapacity for auction (3)Determined on
January 201712002824532729/12/2016
February 201712002824532719/01/2017
March 20179502194526417/02/2017
April 2017950309531423/03/2017
May 20179502191523418/04/2017
June 2017950219021917/05/2017
July 2017950219021915/06/2017
August 2017950219021917/07/2017
September 2017950219021918/08/2017
October 2017950219021915/09/2017
November 2017950219021916/10/2017
December 20171200282028221/11/2017
January 20181200146014618/12/2017
From France to Belgium
MonthNet transfer capacity NTC (MW) (1)Proposed capacity (2)Resales Y => MCapacity for auction (3)Determined on
January 2017230031335066329/12/2016
February 2017230031333564819/01/2017
March 2017185020033553517/02/2017
April 2017185020025045023/03/2017
May 2017220028824553318/04/2017
June 2017200023811034817/05/2017
July 2017200023811335115/06/2017
August 2017200023811034817/07/2017
September 2017200023811034818/08/2017
October 2017200023811034815/09/2017
November 20171850011011016/10/2017
December 2017210026311037321/11/2017
January 20182100275027518/12/2017
From Belgium to France
MonthNet transfer capacity NTC (MW) (1)Proposed capacity (2)Resales Y => MCapacity for auction (3)Determined on
January 20171400600060029/12/2016
February 2017950375037519/01/2017
March 2017600200020017/02/2017
April 20178003004534523/03/2017
May 20178003004534518/04/2017
June 2017600200020017/05/2017
July 2017600200020015/06/2017
August 2017600200020017/07/2017
September 2017600200020018/08/2017
October 2017800300030015/09/2017
November 201780000016/10/2017
December 20171200500050021/11/2017
January 20181200550055018/12/2017

Capacity split rules

The above-mentioned monthly capacities are calculated in line with the rules on splitting capacity between different timeframes. The rules are described here: Split Rules. These rules were approved by the relevant regulators.

Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) (Ref. 1)

The Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) is the transfer capacity forecast agreed between Elia and its neighbouring transmission system operators (TSOs) for imports and exports across Belgium’s borders.

Visit Transmission capacity at borders for more information on the calculation mthod.

Proposed capacity (Ref. 2)

In accordance with the above split rules, the “proposed capacity” is calculated before yearly capacity resales are included in the monthly auction.

Capacity for auction (Ref. 3)

“Capacity for auction” is the sum of the proposed capacity and the resales of yearly capacity to the monthly auction. Monthly capacities are sold on the market via explicit auctions organised by JAO.EU, the joint auction office set up by a group of TSOs (including Elia).

Visit Cross-border mechanisms for more information on current mechanisms.

Capacity Calculation methodologies differ between time horizons

The long term (Year, Month & Week) capacity calculation is based on an NTC methodology while the daily capacity calculation process is based on the Flow-Based methodology. Forecast capacity for import and export in Elia’s control area will be influenced from both time horizons and methodologies. More information on the calculation methods is available here “methodology”.