Procedure for Constitution

The Procedure for Constitution of Strategic Reserve applicable for the tendering procedure in 2018 for winter period 2018-2019, available in three languages:

The Procedure for Constitution of Strategic Reserve applicable for the tendering procedure in 2017 for winter periods 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, available in three languages:

Erratum 24/02/2017: some discrepancies have been noticed in the different deadlines in the documents. In these new versions, the corrected dates are highlighted in pink.

The Procedure for Constitution of Strategic Reserve for winter 2015-2016, available in three languages:

Functioning Rules

The Functioning Rules describe, among other things, the indicators used to identify a shortage situation and the principles governing the activation of strategic reserve by the system operator. They set out:

  • the rules concerning the reservation of capacities in connection with the constitution of strategic reserve;
  • the rules governing the activation and remuneration of strategic reserve, the activation procedure and its impact on the imbalance tariffs;
  • how Elia provides the market with data concerning the reservation and activation of strategic reserve;
  • monitoring of the mechanism.

Winter 2019-2020:

Winter 2018-2019:

Winter 2017-2018:

A new version of the Functioning Rules is published on April 11, 2017 containing a new addendum describing the conditions under which production units may return to the electricity market. This addendum follows the Decision (B)1619 of the CREG on April 7, 2017. No other modifications are made compared to the previous version of the Functioning Rules.

Winter 2016-2017:

Winter 2015-2016:

Winter 2014-2015:


Tendering Procedure via Contract Notice

When initiating a call for tender, a Contract Notice is published specifying the required volumes for each service and inviting interested suppliers to apply. The procedure to follow and the list of documents that must be provided are detailed in this Contract Notice.

After the call for candidates phase, Elia launches a call for tender to which only qualified candidates can participate. All concerned documents along with the contract proposal are communicated at the moment of the call for tender.

Step1: Call for Candidates

Prior to making an offer, a party should apply to become a selected Supplier. A candidate supplier can apply by submitting a completed application form and the required sworn statement for the applicable service to Elia. The application form and a template for the Sworn Statement can be found here under:

Step 2: Call for Tender

In order to participate to a call for tender, an offer has to be written following the bidding instructions. Bidding instructions, awarding criteria and contract templates can be consulted hereunder.

Other documents

The following documents are also available: