Access holders can use a tool that simulates their invoice, and they can consult their invoices with the Invoice Viewer application within Customer Hub. The section of the application relating to invoicing includes the invoice itself in PDF format along with its annexes.

For each month, access holders receive a basic invoice followed by a second invoice. These invoices for grid access cover the tariffs for operation of the electrical system, operation and development of the grid infrastructure, compensation of imbalances (in particular via the power reserves and black-start) and market integration.

More details about grid access tariffs 

The basic invoice

A basic invoice seeking prepayment for the Elia services provided in a given month (month M) is sent out at the end of the previous month (month M−1).


The second invoice

A final account is sent out in the middle of month M+1 for the services provided in month M. The second invoice takes into consideration the amounts already invoiced in the basic invoice for the month covered by this second invoice.

Annex to the invoice