Elia is a participant of the International Grid Control Cooperation platform (IGCC) since 1st October 2012. The aim of this cooperation is to optimise the balancing management of the system and thereby optimise the quality of the frequency.

This coordination is intended to automatically compensate for any imbalances in opposite directions experienced by system operators (generation surpluses somewhere and shortfalls elsewhere). The advantage of this system is that it enables transmission system operators to avoid activating secondary reserves in opposite directions. For Elia, the current maximum capacity on the IGCC platform is related to the procured aFRR volume.

Real-time management of imbalances between the volume of electricity consumed and the volume of electricity generated is all in a day's work for transmission system operators (TSOs). The IGCC platform is a first step on the way to grid management on an international scale. This international cooperation strengthens grid management and helps to improve grid control (by reducing the Area Control Error).

IGCC has been one of the ENTSO-E electricity balancing pilot projects and is now selected as the starting point to fulfil the obligations of the guideline on electricity balancing to implement the European platform for the imbalance netting process.

The current IGCC participants are Amprion, 50Hertz, TransnetBW and TenneT DE (the four German transmission system operators), Energinet.dk (Denmark), CEPS (Czech Republic), Swissgrid (Switzerland), TenneT NL (The Netherlands), APG (Austria), RTE (France) and Elia (Belgium).

More information on IGCC can be found on the page of the cooperation hosted by ENTSO-E. In particular, the stakeholder’s document provides detailed information about the principles of IGCC.

The exchanged volumes and prices are published on the page Using regulation capacity.