Production coordination

CIPU (Coordination of the Injection of the Production Units) contracts ensure that Elia always has the necessary generating facilities at its disposal.

What's in a CIPU contract?

The Producer:

  • keeps Elia informed of the availability of its generation units;
  • provides Elia with forecasts of long-term (one year) and short-term (day D) availability;
  • is the contact (SPOC) for managing the generation unit that injects electricity into its grid (the producer is here the person who signs the contract).

The CIPU contract provides a framework for activating capacity not used by generators (and complements R1-R2-R3 reserves). It is also the basic agreement for providing and activating ancillary services (primary, secondary, tertiary reserves, voltage control and black start).



The CIPU contract determines how forecasts are sent to Elia.

There are both long-term and short-term forecasts.

  • Long-term forecasts give Elia an overview of producers' available reserve volumes.
  • Short-term forecasts are used by Elia to select the capacity it needs to manage its control area (for activation on day D, if necessary).

Forecasts exchanged daily are called ‘programmes’. When they are submitted and approved by Elia on day D-1, they are called ‘nominations’.

When Elia looks at production schedules, it can pinpoint problem situations and, if necessary, ask producers to change their programmes. Elia can ask producers to start/stop production units, or to increase/decrease output. Elia always compensates the producer for any such requested changes.


To whom does this apply?

Production units that have a nominal capacity of over 25 MW and/or are directly connected to the Elia grid must sign a CIPU contract with Elia. This is a statutory obligation under Article 198 of the Grid Code.

Production units not directly connected to the Elia grid but which are liable to seriously affect it (congestion, voltage, short-circuit power, etc.) may also be required to sign this type of contract in accordance with the Grid Code.


Contract template

For more information regarding the CIPU contract, the contract template can be consulted here:  Coordination of the Injection of Production Units contract (2019)