Two types of invoices are sent to ARPs: invoices relating to compensation for quarter-hourly imbalances and invoices for external inconsistencies.

Invoices relating to compensation for quarter-hourly imbalances

ARPs can consult their invoices using Invoice Viewer (see the Invoice Viewer application for more details). The section relating to invoicing includes the invoice itself in PDF format along with its annexes, allowing ARPs to check their invoices.

ARPs are invoiced an imbalance tariff for any imbalance found in their balance area. This is done on a quarter-hourly basis. This "tariff for maintaining and restoring the individual balance of access responsible parties" is calculated based on the balancing price applying at that time.

The imbalance invoice may in fact consist of a credit note or an actual invoice. In this way, an ARP will be invoiced or a repayment issued depending on the contribution or lack of it the ARP makes to reducing the total imbalance of the control area (through the imbalance in its own perimeter). An annex to the invoice indicates the amount credited to the ARP or the amount the ARP owes Elia. The details regarding the imbalance calculation on a quarter-hourly basis are put at disposal via the metering information tool EVMS.


Annex to the invoice



The invoice for external inconsistencies »

If ARPs’ nominations are not balanced, an external inconsistency occurs. Elia will charge them the imbalance price according to the provisions described in Appendix 8 to the ARP contract and they will be sent a special invoice for external inconsistencies.