ARP Contract

To be able to carry out its task, the Access Responsible Party (ARP) must have concluded an ARP contract with Elia.

Any customer, supplier, generator or trader can sign an ARP contract. The ARP contract sets out the balance-related rights and obligations of Elia and the ARP. Elia must ensure that balance is maintained in the control area, whilst the ARP is responsible for maintaining quarter-hourly balance between total injections and total off-takes.

Before an ARP contract can be concluded, a request must be submitted to Elia's Customers Support & Services Department.

Based on the business and contact information contained in the request, a contract will be drawn up and signed. The contract will only enter into force once a bank guarantee has been deposited, as stated in Appendix 4 to the contract.

Once authorised, the ARP is added to the register of Access Responsible Parties.


Template of the ARP contract:

ARP contract (amendments approved by the CREG Decision from 8 November 2018 (reference Decision (B) 1854)) – contract available in English (PDF).
The English version of the ARP contract is for information purposes only!

The ARP contract will enter into force according to the applicable contractual and legal terms.


Previous versions of the contract: