Connection contract

The contract sets out the contractual rights and obligations of Elia and the grid user in relation to among other matters:

  • rights of use;
  • ownership;
  • technical requirements;
  • operation of connexion facilities.

It also includes the required technical data regarding the user’s facilities that are connected to the grid (voltage level, connection point, description of the facility, security, etc.).

The connection contract also states the physical location (connection point) where the facility is connected to the Elia grid and the grid access point where energy offtakes or injections take place.

The connection contract was approved by CREG, the Belgian electricity and gas regulator, in its decision of 16 July 2009 (Decision No. (B) 090716-CDC-883) and is based on the regulations in force.

In the Walloon Region, high-voltage customers directly connected to the local transmission system can make use of the provisions of Article 25quater §1er, 3° of the Walloon Decree of 12 April 2001 when there is a delay in the connection because of Elia. For more detailed information, customers can contact their Key Account Manager.