Channel region

Day ahead capacity calculation method

The common capacity calculation methodology as determined in this Channel CC Methodology Proposal, approved by the CREG on 6/12/2018, is the common proposal of all the TSOs of the Channel Region in accordance with Article 20(2) of the CACM Regulation. The TSOs of the Channel region will use a CNTC method to determine the cross zonal capacities for DA and ID.

As the new interconnector GB-BE Nemo Link should be operational on January 31st, 2019 which is before the expected go-live date of the target solution as stated in art 27 (2) of Channel CC Methodology Proposal, a temporary local solution has been put in place for the commercial go-live of the new interconnector GB-BE Nemo Link.

Elia has developed the interim solution as a stepwise implementation of the Channel CCM (cfr. Art 27(5)). The interim solution is largely, and where possible, in line with the Channel CCM.

Long term capacity calculation method

The TSOs of the Channel region have the obligation to develop a coordinated capacity calculation method for the long term time frame (art 10 of the FCA regulation). Until such a methodology is implemented, Elia shall apply an interim solution. This interim solution uses a CNTC approach based on multiple scenarios.

A high level description of these methodologies and the assets Elia considers during this calculation can be found here: