Overview of refunds

 Situation as at 28 September 2017
 Time of communication by CWaPE  Status of exemption refunds
 August 2017  Refunds made
 May 2017  Refunds made
 February 2017  Refunds made
 November 2016  Refunds made
 August 2016  Refunds made
 May 2016  Refunds made
 February 2016  Refunds made
 November 2015  Refunds made
 August 2015  Refunds made

Time of communication by CWaPE:

  • For more information, see the schedule given in the CWaPE Guidelines    
  • A CWaPE communication relates to the consumption months in the previous quarter and any adjustments from previous months    
  • Link to the CWaPE Guidelines (in French): http://www.cwape.be/?dir=4.10.3