The project 

Elia plans to replace the existing 150-kV cable between the Petrol (D’Herbouvillekaai) and Zurenborg (Uitbreidingsstraat 580) high-voltage substations in Antwerp over the course of 2019. This is necessary for two reasons:

  1. The existing 150-kV cable between these two high-voltage substations will come to the end of its service life in 2019 and will then be decommissioned.
  2. Grid studies have shown that the 150-kV Zwijndrecht – Burcht – Petrol – Zurenborg axis needs to be upgraded to guarantee Antwerp's grid supplies in the future.

The existing cable will be taken out of service once the two new 150-kV cables have been installed.

For more information about Elia's investments in Antwerp, consult the the Federal Development Plan 2015-2025.


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