Safety for Contractors


Status of the project

The safety project "Safety for Contractors" aims at zero accidents / incidents with all Elia contractors, so that everyone can return home safe and sound every day. But what themes has the project team been working on since 2016? To answer this question, the Safety for Contractors team produced a new video that covers the different topics covered.

Contractors’ Day – 30 March 2017

During plenary and customized sessions, the implementation of the new way of working and new training methods was introduced and discussed. Full details are available here.

Contractors’ Day – 7 June 2016

The safety of its contractors’ staff and technicians is a top priority for Elia, which is why it invited its contractors’ safety managers to a safety information and exchange session on 7 June 2016.

What is the Safety For Contractors project?

As safety is a top priority for Elia as well as its internal and external employees, the company has launched Safety for Contractors, a safety project geared towards its contractors. This is part of the Go For Zero programme and thus aims to eliminate accidents/incidents involving Elia contractors.


With this in mind, the project comprises 5 key axes of actions:

  1. More severe qualification process and verification of the competency of contractors’ staff
  2. Earlier and better determining of the high-risk work situations and work periods
  3. Work start only after a solid and validated work preparation
  4. Reinforce guidance and supervision on the construction site
  5. Strengthen the experience feedback in a sustainable way


Working with electricity is not a risk-free business. By striving to guarantee the highest level of safety among internal and external employees, Elia aims to ensure that all of its workers can return home to their family every evening free from injury or harm.


  • CAPEX practically triples within five years (between 2015 and 2019): €2.3 billion.
  • The number of infrastructure projects also almost doubled between 2013 (± 70) and 2016 (± 130). This means that between 500 and 800 contractor technicians are currently working on Elia infrastructure.
  • Rise in the number of accidents/incidents and violations of the safety rules.


Go For Zero

Safety is a top priority for Elia as well as its employees, external contractors, distribution system operators, clients, and the general public. The company continues to strive to eradicate all accidents.

Elia rolled out the Go For Zero programme to support its in-house safety initiatives. Elia wants to expand its awareness-raising activities to external contractors by means of the Safety for Contractors campaign.

Elia’s main aims:

  • Safely implement its maintenance and CAPEX plans
  • Improve asset management and maintenance capacities
  • As this will affect the work of internal and external technicians, change working habits in the field with regard to safety, quality and efficiency    

As such, Elia will focus on four areas :

  1. Competence – People & Technical Skills
    Develop and maintain in a structured manner the (soft and hard) skills needed to achieve the main aims.
  2. Anchor operational dialogue
    Operational dialogue is one of the key concepts for entrenching changes within the company. It makes it easier to transfer messages and encourages discussion between employees, their managers and contractors.
  3. Further stimulate continuous improvement
    Elia fosters a culture in which everyone strives for continuous improvement. Elia employees are regularly encouraged to work on their ideas for improvement, some of which are implemented in all teams.
  4. Ensure consistency with regard to safety
    Guarantee that employees and contractors involved in any Elia activity share the same safety priorities.