Health and safety policy

Elia aims to ensure top-level safety for its own personnel, for contractors working at or on our facilities and for third parties.

Elia operates a five-pronged health & safety policy:

  1. preventing accidents and personal injury;
  2. making sure everyone is involved, no matter what they do or where they work in the company;
  3. developing a safety reflex within our general corporate culture;
  4. continually improving our safety statistics;
  5. aiming to improve wellbeing: focus on preventing stress and maintaining good health.

Global prevention plan

Safety is one of Elia’s top priorities: the operator of the high voltage transmission system therefore elaborated a global prevention plan. This GPP describes the planned preventive actions for the next five years, including the risk analysis as well as the measures, objectives and required instruments. This video summarises its content:


Risk analysis

Via a thorough, systematic risk analysis Elia can take the correct measures and implement the right actions to ensure a preventive approach to safety and, where necessary, make improvements. We use measurable objectives and indicators that are stringently monitored and assessed.

Safety culture

Safety is a critical part of our corporate culture. Elia aims to develop a genuine safety culture, pursued by each and every person and department within the company. The concept of safety must be a reflex for everyone!

Ongoing training and awareness-raising are critical. Right from day one, Elia personnel are given thorough safety training to ensure that they respect their own safety and that of their fellow workers and the environment at all times. Special training is always provided when new working methods are introduced.