Requests for maps

Are you planning to carry out works close to our facilities? If so, please report your worksite to ensure that you can perform your activities in complete safety.

Anybody wishing to carry out works close to high-voltage lines or high-voltage pylons, underground electricity cables or high-voltage substations is required to report these works to Elia to obtain the maps and details of the associated safety measures of the facilities involved.

To do this in Flanders you will need to use the Flemish Region's Cable and Pipeline Information Portal KLIP, while to provide notification of such works in Brussels you will have to visit the Federal Cable and Pipeline Information Database KLIM/CICC, and KLIM/CICC can also be used for notifications of works in Wallonia. However, as not all cable and pipeline operators are part of KLIM/CICC yet, it is essential that you also ask the relevant municipal authorities to send you their list of the other cable and pipeline operators who have facilities in that municipality/commune so that you can contact these operators directly and thereby comply with the notification requirement. The system operators are obliged to respond within the time-frames required by law and where appropriate to supply the maps of their underground facilities with their reply. KLIP or KLIM/CICC will also send you an e-mail with a list of the system operators concerned. This also serves as documentary evidence that you have fulfilled your notification requirement.

However, if appropriate, you may also get in touch with the relevant Elia Contact Centre directly.

Elia Contact Centres

Our contact centre teams deal with all requests for maps and will be glad to help you at any time with any additional information and detailed guidance on activities in the vicinity of pylons, overhead lines, underground cables and high-voltage substations.