Technical documents

In this page can be found documents relative to technical implementation, concerning metering specifications and IT communication.


XML Communication for the delivery of Ancillary Services & Strategic Reserves

Elia communicates for the activation of the Tertiary Control by non-CIPU Technical Units (R3 NonCipu) and SDR services through XML exchanges. Hereby under can be found the guidelines for implementation on the supplier’s side:


STAR B2B Service

Suppliers can introduce their offers in the STAR platform via a dedicated B2B Service. Please find hereby under the technical documents to guide you through implementation.


ICCP Communication in the framework of the FCR product

As foreseen in the General Framework for the FCR Service, Suppliers need to be able to exchange certain signals with Elia through a TASE2 connection. In the document hereunder figure the main characteristics of the communication to be implemented.


Metering, telemeasurement & data exchange specifications


Communication through the BMAP Platform