Investment projects

Elia needs to purchase a lot of technical equipment to develop the high-voltage grid and upgrade facilities.

Purchases for investment projects can be divided into two main categories: high-voltage substations and power links (overhead high-voltage lines and underground cables). The most appropriate contract and type of outsourcing are selected for the project in question, depending on what it is and what it aims to achieve.

Elia generally works with framework agreements for purchases of high-voltage and low-voltage equipment. These two categories include the following equipment:

  • high-voltage: transformers, switchgear (circuit breakers, disconnectors), GIS bays, cables and accessories, overhead line conductors and accessories, pylons;
  • low-voltage: protection and measurement equipment, control and power quality products.

For purchases of studies and contracting work, Elia uses traditional contracting, design & build and turnkey approaches. The key activities in this category are contracting work for high-voltage substations and high-voltage lines and cables (both civil and electrical works) as well as the relevant studies.

Safety and quality are crucial to each of these specialised products and services. Environmental criteria as well as specific maintenance and operation requirements are also important. Various procedures are in place for certifying equipment and contractors, and performance is tracked in a vendor evaluation system. Transparency and dialogue ensure continuous improvement.

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