Task Force Implementation NC

The Task Force Implementation Network Codes is a group of experts launched by the Users’ Group to analyze, discuss and make ‘content’ propositions regarding specific issues and topics related to implementation of the European Network Codes in the Belgium context. It reports to the WG Belgian Grid. The experts are not limited to the official representatives of Users’ Group members but different experts are delegated depending on the topic being discussed. Also, the federal and regional regulatory authorities are invited to the Task Force.

Next to serving as a forum for intensive stakeholder debate, the Task Force aims to develop effective proposals and recommendations for the implementation of the specific studied topics. In case no consensus exists, the Task Force allows all parties to exchange their views. The Task Force Implementation NC does not look in detail how existing legislative, contractual and/or regulatory documents should be adapted though.

The Task Force Implementation NC started in 2015 and continued till the end of Q1 2017:

  • At the end of 2015 and early 2016, the Task Force started with the first iteration on the ‘Significant Grid Users’, a draft proposal on the maximum capacity thresholds of types B, C and D power-generating modules was adopted by Elia and served as working hypothesis for the next Task Forces meetings.

  • During 2016 and early 2017, different technical discussions (sessions) of various topics took place, such as related to robustness, voltage control and reactive management, etc. The number of sessions per topic depended on the complexity of the topic and the importance of the stakeholder debate.

  • In the first quarter of 2017, the Task Force sessions ended with the second iteration of ‘Significant Grid Users’. Considering the technical discussions of the various topics, the draft proposal of the first iteration on ‘Significant Grid Users’ was reanalysed.

The discussions on the actual implementation of these technical analyses, including a pre-consultation on the Federal Grid Code amendment and the General Requirements continues in the Working Group Belgian Grid and a number of dedicated workshops in 2017 and in 2018.

The topics discussed and the dates of the sessions in the Task Force Implementation NC are shown in the table below. For more information on the presentations (of both Elia and stakeholders) and approved minutes for each session, click on 'Topics' .



Task Force Implementation NC sessions

Significant Grid Users

26/11/2015; 25/01/2016; 25/02/2016; 06/09/2016; 01/02/2017; 21/02/2017; 27/03/2017

Connection and Compliance processes

25/01/2016; 25/02/2016

Voltage Control & Reactive Power Management

25/02/2016; 26/04/2016; 30/05/2016; 14/12/2016; 1/02/2017

Robustness & Fault Ride Through

26/04/2016; 30/05/2016; 14/09/2016

Frequency Stability & Management

07/06/2016; 17/10/2016

Short-Circuit Power

07/06/2016; 14/09/2016

Operational Information Exchange

17/10/2016; 21/11/2016; 20/12/2016

Protection and Control