Secondary market for reserves

Study on the extension of the existing secondary market for reserves (March 2017)

Elia performed a study on the possible extension of the existing secondary market for reserves. This topic was presented to the market during two meetings of the Working Group Balancing, i.e. 10/02/2017 and 30/03/2017. During the first meeting Elia presented different market extension scenarii and initiated a stakeholder survey. During the second meeting, Elia presented the feedback received from the stakeholders and an implementation proposal.

Elia proposed to implement a complete extension of the secondary market for reserves by the 31st of December 2017:

  • in intraday no matter the circumstances (currently limited to the case of forced outage) for all reserves R1, R2 and R3 contracted from CIPU units;
  • for all reserves R1, R2 and R3 contracted from Non CIPU units in both day-ahead and intraday no matter the circumstances.

The resources in scope of such a market extension are the ones connected to the transmission and the distribution grids subject to agreement of the DSOs for the concerned flexibility. This implementation corresponds to a complete market extension. Such a market extension is compliant with the “European Guideline on Electricity Balancing” and, based on the stakeholder survey we conducted, is in line with the expectations of the stakeholders.

It adds clear value to the market, has also limited disadvantages and would allow Belgium to become one of the frontrunners in Europe regarding secondary market for reserves.