Study and design note on the integration of offshore wind in the Belgian balancing zone

A significant increase of the offshore wind production is expected up to 2020 in the Belgian offshore area. Once all offshore parks will be fully operational the total installed capacity will increase to 2300 MW. The variations in wind farms power production due to high wind speed (also defined as “storm event”) or sudden changes in wind power or direction (also defined as “ramping event”) might at that time trigger substantial imbalances in the Belgian control area. Furthermore, because all Belgian offshore wind parks are situated close to each other in the North Sea, it has been observed that they all behave in a similar way facing a storm or ramping event and that impact will mainly differ because of wind turbine technical characteristics.

To better understand the possible impact of storm and ramping event on the Belgian control area, ELIA realized in 2017 a first assessment with the support of the consultant 3E. Two major recommendations came out of this assessment:

  1. ELIA must develop – with support of external provider – a dedicated storm forecast model and;
  2. ELIA needs to elaborate specific operational procedure to make sure responsible market parties mitigate the expected impact of forecasted storm events.

Based on these conclusions, ELIA elaborated and discussed with market parties the offshore integration design.