The balance in the Elia Control Area

Pursuant to Article 8(1)(15) of the Law of 29 April 1999 on the organisation of the electricity market (hereinafter the "Electricity Act"), Elia, in its role as (transmission) system operator, is entrusted with the task of compiling a "step-by-step report" detailing the "necessary conditions for ensuring the balance of the control area". This report addresses these steps in three distinct segments listing conditions which, if met, will substantially contribute to the balancing of the Elia control area in a way that is efficient (i.e. involving minimal control costs) and guaranteed (i.e. involving adequate resources). These three segments are as follows:

  1. Balancing conducted by the Balance Responsible Parties (BRPs) with the aim to reduce residual imbalances
  2. Maximum diversification in energy sources (both generation and offtake) participating to balancing
  3. Cross-border synergies in balancing 

For this report Elia takes as a basis the findings of the “Reserves 2018” study. This study assesses and analyses the need for and availability of reserves in 2018. This study was conducted at the request of CREG in its decision (B) 120621-CDC-1162 of 21 June 2012 and has been available on the Elia website since 8 June 2013. This report presents these conditions with a view to ensuring the efficient and guaranteed balancing of the Elia control area.

These conditions apply to various players operating on the liberalised electricity market. It goes without saying that, given the various (both federal and regional) policymakers and regulators involved, extensive concerted action will be needed to put in place balancing that is both efficient and guaranteed.

Please find here the draft report on the necessary conditions to safeguard the system balance in the ELIA grid control area. (in French)