Task Force Implementation Strategic Reserves

  • President: James Matthys-Donnadieu
  • Secretary: Kristof De Vos
The purpose of the Task Force is to:
  • inform market players and stakeholders and exchange information about all relevant items linked to the implementation of strategic reserves, in particular as regards the market, product and tender design of strategic reserve as described in the Functioning Rules written by Elia and to be approved by CREG;
  • consult market players and stakeholders, in particular about the tender procedure, and specifically about changes to the tender procedure (including all relevant items concerning the procedure such as selection criteria, production requirements, tender rules, etc.).
This page is subdivided as follows:
  • calendar of the Strategic Reserve tender cycle and Task Force meetings for the next winter period.
  • An agenda containing information about Task Force meetings and the approved minutes of previous meetings.
  • Information on the public consultations.
For more information about the real-time status of the Strategic Reserve, please see the GRID DATA section. For more information about the functioning of the Strategic Reserve and an explanation of how the Strategic Reserve volume is determined, please see the Products & Services section.