1.  Adoption of draft minutes from previous meeting held on 2 July 2012

2.  Closed distribution systems:

a) Feedback plenary meeting of the UG
b) Approval of latest modifications of contracts (based on remarks of the CREG) for formal submission to CREG
           Annex 14
           Annex 14bis
           Annex 14ter
           Contract van Toegangsverantwoordelijke ARP-contract

 c) Approval accompanying letter for CREG file

3.  Capacity reservation:

a) Approval latest text modifications for sending recommendations to authorities.

4.  Connection of a decentralised generation unit

a) Process 
b) Investment policy
c) Flexibility

5. Federal grid code: consider “quick wins” and steps taken

6. Any other business

a) Accommodation capacity study


Report (in Dutch)