1. Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting (26 September 2013) (in French)
  2. System Operation WG 

    a) Status of ongoing work (meeting on 7 November 2013): Network Codes 
    b) Winter Outlook 2013-2014

  3. Belgian Grid WG

    a) Status of ongoing work (meeting on 19 November 2013)
    b) Investments in interconnection capacities (CBA and impact on capacities)

  4. Task Force Balancing & Experts Group

    a) Status of ongoing work (meeting on 21 November 2013) 
    b) Short-term tendering and related price publications

  5. Disturbance on the electricity network
  6. Presentation of REMIT and transparency regulations 
  7. Analysis of the results of the ‘Demand response’ survey

    a) Summary of results (Elia Febeliec EnergyVille Demand Response Survey)
    b) Survey demand response - Results

  8. Approval of the amendments to the internal company rules and presentation of the composition of the Users’ Group
  9. Any other business

                    a) Meeting schedule for 2014
                    b) Presentation of ‘Call for an Energy Pact – Beyond 2020