1. Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting (20 June 2013)
  2. WG European Market Design

    Feedback from WG EMD on 16 September 2013

  3. WG Belgian Grid
    a) Feedback from WG on 9 September 2013

    a. Flexible access – Technical and operational aspects
    b. Amendments to the Federal Grid Code – Working process
    c. SharePoint Platform – WG Belgian Grid’s collaboration tool

    b) Shared connection – Proposed Annex 11 to the connection contract
  4. Task Force Balancing & Experts Group
    Feedback from the Task Force Balancing & Experts Group meetings
  5. Wathelet Plan – Demand response
  6. Feedback on consultations within the Users’ Group

    a) Report on the conditions required to guarantee the balance of the Elia control area
    b) Amendments to the ARP and access contracts

  7. Any other business

    a) Amendments to the internal rules and composition of the Users’ Group
    b) Information about Stakeholders Day