Agenda items

1. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting (24/05)

2. WG System Operation
    a) Feedback WG (13/09)
    b) Security of supply
         a. Incompressibility
         b. Consequence of closure of Doel 3 & Tihange 2
    b) Bid ladder: kick-off presentation

    a) No feedback
    b) CACM Network Code

4. WG Belgian Grid
    a) Feedback WG (02/07)
    b) Formal approval of the Recommendation on “Reservation of generation unit capacity and impact on the Federal Grid Code”
     c) State of play of discussion on closed distribution systems

5. Feedback from the ad-hoc Discussion Platform on “RES”

6. Any other business
    a) Sun forecast
    b) Customer Day
    c) Launch of study on synergies in cross-border balancing and reserves between the Netherlands and Belgium


Report (in Dutch)