Elia grid load

The chart shows Elia’s current grid load (purple curve), that can be compared with the measured grid load for the specified reference date (blue curve)


The Elia-grid load is a calculation based on injections of electrical energy into the Elia grid. It incorporates the measured net generation of the (local) power stations that inject power into the grid at a voltage of at least 30 kV and the balance of imports and exports. Generation facilities that are connected at a voltage of less than 30 kV in the distribution networks are only included if a net injection into the Elia grid is being measured. The energy needed to pump water into the storage tanks of the pump-storage power stations connected to the Elia grid is deducted from the total.

Decentralised generation that injects power at a voltage less than 30 kV into the distribution networks is not entirely included in the Elia-grid load. The significance of this last segment has steadily increased during the last years. Therefore Elia decided to complete its publication with a forecast of the total Belgian electrical load.

The Elia-grid comprises networks of at least 30 kV in Belgium plus the Sotel/Twinerg grid in the south of Luxembourg.

total load