Open data

In line with our commitment to transparency and openness, we make our data available to all players in the energy transition.

Launched on 7 July, the Open Data Platform provides Elia’s stakeholders with simple and open access to all of its public grid data, including power generation, load, balancing, transmission and congestion.

Providing open access to such information will ease the daily operations of different market parties; support them to identify new market opportunities, such as enhancing or developing new services for consumers; and facilitate the decision-making processes of all stakeholders working to enable the energy transition..

The Open Data Platform allows users to freely access a whole catalogue of ready to use datasets which they can easily explore, create visualisations from, share and reuse. These datasets can be downloaded in different file formats, allowing users to analyse them offline, and can be accessed via APIs, for use by other applications.

Explore our data

Elia will continue to publish additional datasets through the platform and will widen the areas to which these relate, in line with the needs of its users. The platform aims to replace the 'Data download' and the ‘B2B XML’ services. The datasets that are not yet available on the Open Data platform remain accessible through these services.


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