Winter 2018-2019


Recent unavailability of nuclear power plants (3GW) causes Security of Supply concerns in the Belgian Control Area.

Initiatives have already been taken (750 MW announced by Minister, ARP portfolio optimizations, discussions with neighboring countries) however a need of 700-900 MW remains.

Relying on Strategic Reserve was excluded, as the legal framework does not allow any contracting for the coming winter period. As a result Elia analysed how to maximize the opportunity for available flexibility to be used when the system would require it.

Targeted Flexibility

The targeted flexibility is the flexibility which cannot be offered today to Elia within the existing products such as R3Flex/Standard or R3 Non-Reserved (Bidladder).

Example of targeted flexibility:

  • flexibility that cannot be activated within 15 minutes
  • flexibility that wants to be activated for a longer time, min/max duration, min. down time between two consecutive activations; max number of activations per winter

Elia took into account the following constraints for the new flexibility product:

  • The flexibility will be activated with constraints for activation
  • The concept of Transfer of Energy will be applicable


  • Via the following link you will find a brief and detailed presentation of the product.
  • The digital version of the product leaflets can be found here.
  • The General Framework Agreement for the Slow R3 Non-Reserved Service can be found here.
  • The template for the Bid sheet.
  • The template for the Bank Guarantee, in case of ToE.

RSS Feed

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