Important information for suppliers and customers with Elia System Operator. No change for Elia Asset or Elia Engineering

General remarks

  • Elia has decided to undertake an internal reorganisation with a view to separating its regulated activities in Belgium, i.e. its ownership and operation of the high and very-high-voltage electricity transmission system in that country (including its participation in Nemo Link), from its regulated and non-regulated activities outside Belgium.
  • As part of the reorganisation of the Elia Group, Elia System Operator (ESO) will transfer all its Belgian regulated activities to its subsidiary Elia Transmission Belgium (ETB), a public limited company under Belgian law having its registered office at Boulevard de l'Empereur 20, 1000 Brussels, Belgium and listed in the Register of Legal Entities (Brussels) under number 0731.852.231. Elia Transmission Belgium will be designated as Belgian TSO at federal and regional levels.
  • ESO will then become a listed holding company with stakes in various subsidiaries: not only Elia Transmission Belgium but also other subsidiaries such as Eurogrid International (including the various arms of the German TSO 50Hertz) and Elia Grid International (EGI).
  • Elia is making every effort to complete this reorganisation, including obtaining the actual designations of Elia Transmission Belgium as TSO at the federal and regional levels, by 1 January 2020. However, if the formal decisions designating Elia Transmission Belgium have not been finalised by then, a temporary contractual framework may be put in place between ESO and Elia Transmission Belgium to enable the latter to operate the national transmission system and the regional (local) transmission systems as a subcontractor from 1 January 2020, pending this designation.

More information

Important practical information for customers and suppliers

   Until 31 December 2019  As of 1 January 2020 
Sending us an invoice
  • Invoices should be addressed to ESO, VAT BE 0476.388.378
  • Invoices to be sent to the mailbox
  • Reference to be used: Existing PO number
  • Invoices should be addressed to Elia Transmission Belgium (ETB), VAT BE 0731.852.231.
  • Invoices to be sent to the mailbox
  • Reference to be used: Existing PO number
Settling an invoice received from us
  • Invoices will be issued by ESO in 2019 and must be settled with ESO, by making a payment to its bank account (even if the invoice is only settled in 2020)
  • Invoices will be issued by ETB as of January 2020. ETB invoices will need to be settled with ETB, by making a payment to its bank account, whose details (BE39 0018 6737 8019) will be given on the invoice.

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