Becoming a Voltage Service Provider

Elia procures voltage services via the contract notice procedure.

Elia procures voltage services via European public procurement procedures. Elia publishes all documents required by legislation on the relevant European sites and at the end of every year publishes a Periodic Indicative Notice (PIN) setting out the services to be bought the following year.

Contract notice procedure

Products procured via a Contract Notice procedure are governed by contracts specific to each tendering procedure.
Upon launching a call for tenders, Elia publishes a Contract Notice inviting interested parties to submit their bids. This Contract Notice outlines the procedure to be followed and lists the documents to be supplied. 

1 Become a qualified provider

  • Prior to make an offer, a party should apply to become a selected provider. A candidate provider can apply by submitting a completed application form and the required sworn statement for the applicable service to Elia.

    Candidates can be excluded on the grounds of specific exclusion criteria, judiciary convictions etc. Elia will also ask for a financial screening of the candidate (generally a financial report performed by an independent evaluation house taking into account balance sheets, liquidity rations, solvency etc.).

    Relevant documents for step 1

    Important dates VSP tender with delivery 2025-2026:

    • Launch Call for Candidates: 15/05/2024
    • Last date for documents submission as candidate provider: 15/06/2024.

2 Submit offer in Call for Tender

  • After the call for candidates phase, Elia launches a call for tender to which only qualified candidates can participate. All concerned documents along with the contract proposal are communicated at the moment of the call for tender.

    In order to participate to a call for tender, an offer has to be submitted following the bidding instructions;

    Relevant documents for step 2

    Important dates VSP tender with delivery 2025-2026:

    • Elia sends invitation to selected candidates: 25/06/2024
    • Last date for offer submission as qualified provider: 14/08/2024.

3 Sign the contract

  • As a regulated company, Elia has to request approval for the volumes and prices of the services to procure.

    Elia submits the prices at which it procures system services to the Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation for approval.

    Once approved, Elia continues with contract awarding.

4 Prequalification of the service

  • Providers must prove the capabilities on newly procured services before the start of the delivery period. The specific prequalification procedures for the services are described in the contractual documents.

5 Deliver

  • If retained on the bidding procedure, the provider starts delivering the service at the beginning of the concerned delivery period.

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