Certificates for work leader

What is a work leader?

The work leader is the person who receives the work permits and safety documents. As such, he must also be capable of cross-checking safety measures. He is Elia’s contact person for the work implementation stage and is responsible for safety while the work described in their work permit is being performed.

The work leader is responsible for the safety of his team members and of his possible subcontractors. Work leader therefore have to follow a more advanced training programme. If he completes it successfully, he receivesa work leader certificate. Work leader must speak either French or Dutch, depending on the language used in the region where the work is being performed.  

Which certificates are available for work leader?

Ela has identified seven different types of work leader, based on the type of work that he/she oversees. Click on the name of the work leader profile to see a description and some examples of the types of work that he/she might oversee.

Practical details

Work leader certificates are issued following the successful completion of a training programme within your company and at Elia.

  •  To receive certification as a work leader, you must have at least four years’ experience working in the technical field in question. You must be able to prove to Elia that you have sufficient experience, either by holding a certificate already or by submitting a file containing evidence of your experience.
  • You must hold a BA4 or BA5 competency certificate, which is issued by your employer to prove that you are qualified to perform certain activities in electrical infrastructures. This certificate must be sent to Elia.
  • You must be familiar with the General Safety Instructions (GSIx) relevant to the location in which your team will be working. The basic training required for each profile is detailed below (+ link to section 3, Support with studying for the tests).
  • You must be up to speed with the content of Elia’s e-learning module for your profile. The module describes the specific risks and preventive measures for your profile.
  • You must attend a mandatory one-day long training course at Elia’s premises. The course focuses on electrical risks, the special role played by the work leader, the safety documents used at Elia, and operational dialogue.
  • At the end of the day, you need to take – and pass – an initial test on the General Instructions relevant to your profile and the e-learning module, and a second test on the subjects covered by the one-day long training course.

Please note that your registration for the programme is not final until you receive confirmation from the Safety Support Department.

Remember that Elia will not issue a certificate if a copy of the BA4 or BA5 competency certificate and, where applicable, the file proving that you have at least four years’ experience have not been sent to Elia (Safety.support@elia.be).

To find out how to register for the training programme, watch the video « Inscription d'un chargé des travaux ».

If you would like more information about the BA4/BA5 competency certificate, go to FPS Employment’s website. (in French)

A period of 3 weeks is necessary between the training / test day and the receipt of the certificate obtained. So register early enough to make sure you always have a valid certificate.

The certificate is valid for two years (C to C+2).

  • After two years (C+2), you can renew your certificate by passing the tests on the relevant GSIx and the e-learning module for your profile. You do not need to attend the one-daylong training course on Elia’s premises.
  • After another two years (C+4), you must go on the mandatory one-day long training course at Elia’s premises and pass the two tests in order to renew your certificate.


In practical terms, this means that each certificate is valid for two years and you need to go on the training course every four years. The certificate holder or their line management is responsible for taking the necessary measures to renew the certificate before it expires.


The price of the one-day long course at our Schaerbeek site, including both tests, is €250.

Support with studying for the tests

People wishing to obtain work leader certification must already have considerable experience working on or around high-voltage infrastructures. To prepare for the one-day long training course, they need to ensure that they have basic knowledge of the risks associated with Elia’s infrastructures (GSIx procedures) and complete an e-learning module.

Basic knowledge

Depending on your chosen work leader profile, you need to be familiar with the content of the training modules on the basic risks associated with working in substations (GSIS), on or near cables (GSIC), or on overhead power lines (GSIL). This table shows which basic training modules are required for each work leader profile.

Links to the instructions you need to know (in French) to pass the tests are provided below.

If you would prefer to have the course materials in Dutch, click here

The presentations below provide basic information about the content of the instructions:

E-learning (in French)

If you would prefer to have the e-learning in Dutch, click here.

You must complete the e-learning modules for your work leader profile before going on the training course and taking the test. Links to the e-learning modules for the various profiles are provided below. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete one e-learning module. Details of each profile are provided in the section “Which certificates are available?”

  • Work leader – electrical work in substations
  • Work leader – electrical work in substations and cable work
  • Work leader – civil engineering work
  • Work leader – line work
  • Work leader – painting work
  • Work leader – line work below safety limit plates
  • Work leader – light work in substations with access and/or work permit

Contact and FAQ

If you have any other questions, please check the FAQ or contact the Safety Support Department.