Auctions and sale of Flemish certificates

As the local transmission system operator in Flanders, Elia organises auctions of green certificates and CHP certificates. How does this work?

Energy Decree

In accordance with Articles 7.1.6 § 2 and 7.1.7 § 2 of the Energy Decree of 8 May 2009 on energy policy, Elia, as the local transmission system operator in Flanders, regularly organises auctions of green certificates and combined heat and power (CHP) certificates.

Notice of next auction

here are no notices of upcoming auctions at present.

Schedule of upcoming auctions

The indicative auction schedule is shown below – note that it may change due to unforeseen circumstances. 

 Auction Announcement by Elia Deadline for submission of participants' offers
1 5 November  2019 19 November 2019
2 5 February 2020 19 February 2020

Publication of results of past auctions

The table below shows the results of the auctions held this year and last year.  Results from previous years are available upon request

 Date Number of certificates Price Type of certificate
18/06/2019 240484  €92,73 Green
18/06/2019  338012 €26,04 Cogeneration
25/02/2019 240484 €90,22 Green
25/02/2019 405648 €24,88 Cogeneration
15/11/2018 263 929 €24,48 Cogeneration
15/11/2018 9 6921 €96,10 Green
14/09/2018 644 461 €27,63 Cogeneration
14/09/2018 90 000  €97,60 Green

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