Sustainability at Elia

We are leading the way in the energy revolution by developing diversified, sustainable and reliable on- and offshore electricity systems.

As a transmission system operator, Elia wants to act as a catalyst for the energy transition.

The electricity grid is a key pillar of the energy policy that supports our socio-economic prosperity. Elia Group aspires to be a catalyst for a successful energy transition and consequently, a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy system. By building interconnectors and integrating renewable energy generation, Elia Group promotes both the integration of the European energy market and the decarbonisation of our society.

“The energy transition will result in renewable energy generation being deployed on a large scale. End consumers are playing an increasingly central role, which makes managing the grid more complicated.”

Involvement in developing renewable energy

Elia is actively involved in the development of renewable energy in the following ways:

  • 1. Connecting renewable energy generation units to the Elia grid
    In particular the North Sea wind farms. Elia has set out a vision for the development of a high-voltage grid in the North Sea under optimum conditions for all the stakeholders involved.
  • 2. Taking part in innovative projects
    and in associations such as ‘Friends of the Supergrid’, which promotes the creation of a large European grid (a supergrid) as a solution for facilitating the circulation and exchange of renewable energy between generating countries, or the Renewables Grid-Initiative (RGI). (for more information, see our partnerships in Sustainability governance & reporting/Sustainability-related memberships)

Towards becoming a sustainable company

Elia is committed to creating a sustainable future for all its internal and external stakeholders based on four key areas of sustainable development: environmental, social, community involvement and governance & reporting. Elia Group has firmly integrated sustainability into its corporate strategy and is establishing ambitions and an action plan with a view to becoming a sustainable company.

At Elia Belgium, the following sustainability ambitions were defined by the Executive Committee in November 2017. They will be reviewed in 2019.


  Ambitions for 2020 Ambitions for 2050
Energy grid Develop a grid that enables the integration of 13% renewable energy or alternatives within the product mix at the Belgian level and supports the target of 20% renewable energy at the European level.

Ensure that the yearly average interruption time does not exceed the maximum AIT of 2.55 min.
Integrate renewables into both centralised and decentralised  systems.

Develop strong grid interconnections together with neighbouring countries.

Use digitalisation and 'smarter grid' market design to exploit resources in an efficient way.

Embed a safety culture at Elia by increasing the safety awareness of employees and contractors in order to:

  • Ensure that every employee and contractor knows the principes of the GO FOR ZERO programme
  • Ensure Elia's safety instructions are properly applied
  • Avoid electrical near misses or incidents
  • Increase reporting maturity and reduce the number of injuries.
Long-term ambitions to be defined at a later stage.

Develop an extended talent and organisational development programme.

Move towards a new corporate culture with a new vision and ambition.

Create a high-performance organisation to empower people to take more initiatives and enable quicker decision-making.

Long-term ambitions to be defined at a later stage.
 Environment Deliver a positive impact on society by realising further grid development, thus enabling proper integration of renewable energy into the EU grid of the future.

20% reduction in CO² emissions from our own operations (compared to 2010).
Long-term ambitions to be defined at a later stage.

We deliver the infrastructure of the future and innovate in services that enable the pathway to a reliable and sustainable power system, with the interest of the community at the heart of every decision.

The Elia Group is constantly expanding its dialogue with stakeholders and keeps them informed throughout the entire duration of its projects.

We perform the necessary studies and analyses and act as an advisor to the different governments on implementing the energy transition in the interest of society.

Long-term ambitions to be defined at a later stage.



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