Supplier Code of Conduct

Elia is committed to translate its strong ethical principles to the procurement process, and to have a positive impact on its wider environment via the purchases performed, also avoiding risks flowing from non-compliance with certain rules and norms within the supply chain.

We therefore elaborated a Supplier Code of Conduct, containing internationally accepted principles regarding ethical conduct, health and safety, environmental and social aspects.

In order to use this set of principles as a lever to our positive supply chain impact, we set up a risk-based approach. For all purchasing categories we assess risks based on traditional supply chain risks and supply chain sustainability risks. A matrix is drawn up to prioritize supplier engagement activities.

To rationalize resource and impact management we would like to focus on the suppliers, which are most relevant from that risk perspective. In 2019, besides having them confirm electronically that they accept the terms of the Supplier Code of Conduct, we are planning to roll out an in-house CSR Supplier Self-Assessment questionnaire to High-risk suppliers and some hand-picked Medium-risk suppliers to receive detailed information on where improvements are needed.

As from 2019, the Supplier Code of Conduct will be systematically be part of the documents for European purchasing procedures.

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