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Sale of Flemish green certificates and CHP certificates to Elia

The Flemish government has developed a scheme requiring system operators to purchase green certificates or CHP certificates at a guaranteed minimum price.

Elia's role

As a transmission system operator or local transmission system operator, Elia is bound by public service obligations and is therefore required to purchase green certificates and combined heat and power certificates from any green power producer that asks it to do so. The information provided here concerns certificates issued by the Flemish regulator, VREG. Under Article 7.1.6 and 7.1.7 of the Decree laying down general provisions concerning energy policy (the Energy Decree), system operators must purchase green certificates and/or combined heat and power certificates from power producers whose facilities are connected to their grids or to a closed distribution system connected to their grids, provided the power producers ask them to do so. This means that Elia, in its capacity as the local transmission system operator, must apply Flemish minimum support payments to generation facilities connected to the local 70 kV to 30 kV transmission system in the Flemish Region. The amount of these minimum support payments is set on the basis of the energy source and generation technology used and the date of commissioning. The date of commissioning also determines how long minimum support must be paid.


1. Create new installation on the VREG platform

1.1 PV-installations (photovoltaic)

In the first place, owners of a PV installation must register once in order to access the VREG certificate database (the VREG platform) via 

If the owner is a company, he must register as a company. During the registration, the owner designates a local administrator who manages the rights for the entire company in the User Management. More information can be found in the manual VREG platform

Elia creates the installation on the VREG platform. The beneficiary of the certificate submits the application form (steuncertificaten PV) fully completed and signed to Elia by email to, together with the GREI (General Regulation on Electrical Installations) report, regardless of whether the certificates are sold to Elia to the Flemish minimum support or not.

1.2 Other technologies (wind, biogas, biomass, CHP)

The Flemish Energy Agency (VEA) creates the installation on the VREG platform. The application for obtaining certificates must be submitted via the online platform Expertbase of the VEA (in Dutch). 

The flow chart below provides a general overview of the applicable procedure.

2. Sale of green certificates and/or CHP certificates with minimum support to Elia

Green and/or CHP certificates can only be sold to Elia if the installation has been created on the VREG platform (see point 1).

Before selling support certificates to Elia, the beneficiary of the certificates submits the application form for a green or CHP certificate contract (aanvraagformulier voor de opmaak van een overeenkomst groenestroom- of warmte-krachtcertificaten), fully completed and signed to Elia by email to, together with the final decision note from the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA). This decision note includes the application of Article 6.1.2 of the Energy Decree.

Invoicing process

Once it has sold its green certificates or CHP certificates to Elia, the producer sends an invoice based on the example below to Elia by post (Elia Transmission Belgium SA, Supplier Accounts, Boulevard de l'Empereur 20, 1000 Brussels) or email ( – invoice must be in PDF format).


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